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Happily Ever Aftermath

May 26, 2021

The calendar has deemed it time again for Ewan MAYGregor. Permanent honorary guest Meg is back to enable this theme month and share her thoughts on a new to her movie. As Diana’s pick, the movie was caught up in her teenage quest to watch as much of this new young Obi-Wan actor fella as possible. There is also some time spent on critiquing his hair.

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A shy reclusive lady is convinced by an invisible entity to sing. Subsequently, she finds herself noticed by a sleazy talent agent and her talent being showcased on-stage. She also meets a kind but nervous man who becomes her best friend. Stars Brenda Blethyn, Jane Horrocks, Ewan McGregor, Philip Jackson, Annette Badland, Michael Caine, and Jim Broadbent. (from

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