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Happily Ever Aftermath

Oct 5, 2022

The brilliant and hilarious Janet Varney returns to discuss a pick from her teenage years, The Night We Never Met (1993). Both agree there is much to enjoy with the movie’s genuinely flawed characters and tougher moments. Bonus talk about how some of these fashions are alive and well today.

Keep up with all of Janet’s projects, especially The JV Club, Braving the Elements, and Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff.

Frustrated with his inconsiderate roommates, Sam (Matthew Broderick) takes turns occupying an apartment with Brian (Kevin Anderson), a sloppy husband-to-be, and Ellen (Annabella Sciorra), an aspiring painter. Although Sam and Ellen never meet in person, they fall for each other through romantic gestures left during their individual days in the apartment. Also stars Jeanne Tripplehorn, Justine Bateman, Christine Baranski, Doris Roberts, Greg Germann, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Billy Campbell, Michelle Hurst, and early career Lewis Black, Naomi Campbell, Brooke Smith, Bitty Schram, Michael Imperioli, Paul Guilfoyle, and Garry Shandling. (from and

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