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Happily Ever Aftermath

Sep 29, 2021

Super friend and ultra podcaster Alysa is back to talk about one of her favorite movies The Best Man (1999). She brings the deep analysis of the relationships and kindly pretends there isn’t a sequel to reference. Stay tuned for the follow up after Diana catches up.

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Sep 15, 2021

Diana’s pick Back to School (1986) brings a great soundtrack (baby Danny Elfman!), two ’80s actors who have resurrected their fame, and so much academic misconduct. Even with two romantic relationships to analyze, there are many tangents on personal college experiences. Bonus, Ryan finally gets to cross this...

Sep 1, 2021

With extreme giddiness, Diana welcomes Rin Mitchell to discuss her pick Tommy Boy (1995). She shares how she would watch this every day (and sometimes twice a day) in junior high. Diana was there for many of these viewings. On rewatch, many plot holes were discovered but quickly forgiven.

After his auto-parts tycoon...