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Happily Ever Aftermath

Sep 12, 2018

Time has come for Revenge of the Nerds (1984)! We are joined by Steve and Izzy from Everything I Learned From Movies to talk about a staple in five-year-old Steve's VHS collection. Prepare for cat cameos, dramatic reenactments, and impromptu singing! And yes, we did acknowledge the movie contains sexual assault, racism, homophobia, and nerd persecution.

Plus our first contest! Two lucky winners will receive an Izzy Fischer created Moon Cat pin! Listen for details on how to win!

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A group of nerds at the fictional Adams College trying to stop the ongoing harassment by the jock fraternity, the Alpha Betas, in addition to the latter's sister sorority, Pi Delta Pi. Stars Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Timothy Busfield, Andrew Cassese, Curtis Armstrong, Larry B. Scott, Brian Tochi, Julie Montgomery, Michelle Meyrink, Ted McGinley, Matt Salinger, Donald Gibb, James Cromwell, David Wohl, John Goodman, and Bernie Casey (Who's he, Steve?).

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