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Happily Ever Aftermath

Dec 28, 2022

For the Happily Ever Aftermath finale, Diana, Polina, and Ryan share some show trivia, read listener messages, and give their thanks.

Polina is on Twitter @anilop and Ryan is @RyanSkonnord.

The feed will be pretty quiet, but you can still reach out on Twitter and Instagram @HEAMCast, Facebook @HappilyEverAftermath. Your best bet is by e-mail at

Ryan alluded to Diana’s planned guest spot on Everything I Learned from Movies. Clues are in the episode Mountain Dewl & Themes for 2023.

Diana’s first guest spot was on Comedy Film Nerds to talk about Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

So much gratitude to these shows for having Diana on:

Movies Made Me

Amanda's Picture Show A Go Go

Up in Ten Club

6 Degrees of Wiki Podcast

Friends in Your Ears

Pop Culturally Deprived

All The Good Dogs (then titled Pups ’n’ Pop Culture)

But Make It Scary

Your Fave Is Problematic


Special thanks to these wonderful podcast friends:

Cult 45


Dragons, Sexy Robots, and Adventures

Nerdy Bitches

Not Porn



Hugs to Diana’s supportive siblings and friends:

Steven, Patrick, & Stephanie

Natalie & Talitha


Big appreciation to these HEAMCast guests:

Liz of Nerdy Bitches

Andrea Martucci of Shelf Love

Jasmine of the Lady Pod Squad

Jason Parmele of The Misplay

Kelly of Throwback Bookstack

Kevin Lester of Diana’s teenage (and current) friendships

Mallory of Movie Lovers

Marie & Coni of Drunk on Rom-Coms

Paul of Polina’s amazing people

Perla of Diana’s coolest friends

Robin of Polina’s amazing people

Valerie Rose Loman of The Flame

Zita Short of The 300 Passions podcast


Special squeal of happiness to thank Diana’s podcast heroes who graced her podcast:

Janet Varney

Daniel Van Kirk


Much love to the guests Diana and Ryan would also trust to raise their dog:

Carly & Erin


A hat tip and praise to these VIP guests with multiple appearances:

Heidi Bennett of Vibrant Visionaries

Alysa Lucas of Best Forevers: A Podcast for Kindred Spirits

Steffi of Diva Dailies and YouTube’s innmyhumbleopinion

Jen of Ryan & Polina’s career trajectories


All the celebration emojis to these Five Timers Club members and Lifetime HEAMates:

Justine of Pod Appétit (and formerly The Cutaways)

Steve & Izzy of Everything I Learned from Movies

Meg of Pod Appétit (and formerly Indoorswomen)


Find other amazing podcasts by searching #ladypodsquad on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and all the social media platforms.