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Happily Ever Aftermath

Mar 31, 2021

With glee, Diana welcomes Zita Short of The 300 Passions Podcast to discuss Vision Quest (1985). Zita shares of her first experience watching with her parents in her youth and how it evolved into a comfort watch. Diana came from only knowing it starred Mathew Modine and there was wrestling.

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A high school wrestler in Spokane, Washington has trouble focusing on his training regimen when a beautiful young drifter takes up temporary residence at his home. Stars Matthew Modine, Linda Fiorentino, Michael Schoeffling, Ronny Cox, Harold Sylvester, Charles Hallahan, J.C. Quinn, Daphne Zuniga, R.H. Thomson, Gary Kasper, Raphael Sbarge, Forest Whitaker, and Frank Jasper. (from

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