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Happily Ever Aftermath

Sep 23, 2020

Join us as we discuss Xanadu (1980) a joint pick of Polina and special guest Robin. You'll hear tales of how the movie is tied to the origin story of Robin and Polina's friendship. Since Diana had never seen it, Robin is pleased that she is the reason that is no longer true. Also Polina makes a big HEAMCast announcement.

Note: Based on Diana's non-exhaustive research (searching TV Tropes), Xanadu is the oldest live action movie with a clothes changing montage.

The book Robin mentioned is Hilary Carlip's Queen of the Oddballs: And Other True Stories from a Life Unaccording to Plan.

A struggling artist living in Los Angeles meets a girl who may hold the key to his happiness. Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, Michael Beck, James Sloyan, Dimitra Arliss, Katie Hanley, Fred McCarren, and Renn Woods. (from

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