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Happily Ever Aftermath

Oct 28, 2020

There are three couples to unpack for Diana's pick Addams Family Values (1993). Producer Ryan is kind enough be the voice for those who know the of Addams Family only through pop culture osmosis. A good chunk of the show is just going over the enormously amazing cast.

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Oct 21, 2020

Diana's first executive decision as a solo host is to give herself an extra week to get her crap together. The next episode covering a new movie will drop October 28th.

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Oct 7, 2020

For Polina's final movie for the podcast, we go over the mammoth film that is Titanic (1997). Given Diana's blood oath to never see this movie, she brings in producer Ryan to act as her proxy. He brings his own teenage tales as well. Prepare yourself for Polina's thoughts on a few of Rose's questionable decisions and...