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Happily Ever Aftermath

Aug 29, 2018

We are joined by podcast host extraordinaire and multi-creative Heidi Bennett to discuss her pick Four Friends (1981). Rather than the sex comedies prevalent in the early 80s, Heidi found and connected to a more serious coming of age story. Polina and Diana were unfamiliar with the movie, but found the elements that would have attracted our younger sensibilities.

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The semi-autobiographical movie written by Steve Tesich (Breaking Away) follows the path of the title characters from high school to college during the often turbulent 1960s and beyond. Stars Craig Wasson, Jodi Thelen, Michael Huddleston, Jim Metzler, Miklos Simon, Elizabeth Lawrence, Julia Murray, Reed Birney, James Leo Herlihy, Lois Smith, and Glenne Headly and is directed by Arthur Penn. (from

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