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Happily Ever Aftermath

Dec 13, 2017

Recorded at the LA Podcast Festival, Polina and Diana sat down in the lab and met some amazing new friends. They were tasked with answering the burning question: what is your relationship with the 1997 film Titanic? Multiple viewings, crushes, adoration of the soundtrack, rage, indifference, and rivalry are all part of the discussion. In part 1, we speak with:

Cheryl Jones, host of Movie Made Me ( Twitter: @moviesmademepod

Murray Valeriano, comedian ( and host of Road Stories ( Twitter: @murrayv

Brendan Creecy, host of Radio Brendoman ( Twitter: @brendoman

Dr. Alysa Lucas, host of Best Forevers A Podcast for Kindred Spirits ( Twitter: @BestForeversPod

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