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Happily Ever Aftermath

Dec 27, 2017

Continuing our LA Podcast saga, Polina and Diana meet more amazing festival attendees. We ask them about their relationship with the DiCaprifacto 1997 film Titanic. The discussion includes family connections, flashbacks of working at a video store, spoiling movies, Leo's pretty boy status, portrayals of socioeconomic status, and the film's too long run time. We speak with:

Heidi S., host of Campfire Curmudgeon ( Twitter: @CFCurmudge

Perla, host of Lipstick Over Manhattans: A Dramatic Podcast (Podcast Twitter: @Zero2Chola) Twitter: @pxcaballero

Madison Follette, host of Madness at Large ( Twitter: @madnessatlarge

Rebecca Evans, curator of the Twitter account for the best fans in the world: @LaPodfestFans

Elizabeth Nordenholt, host of Your Fave is Problematic ( Twitter: @PodcastYFIP

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