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Happily Ever Aftermath

Jun 5, 2019

Actress and comedy maven Janet Varney joins the podcast to discuss Sense and Sensibility (1995). Even with three (maybe five?) love stories happening at once, we make time to also explore the relationship of the Dashwood sisters at the core of the story. There was a quick consensus that this is an outstanding film.

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Emma Thompson stars in the captivating romance based on Jane Austen's classic novel of two sisters' search for love in strict Victorian society. Also stars Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Greg Wise, Gemma Jones, Myriam François-Cerrah, Harriet Walter, Imogen Stubbs, Imelda Staunton, Hugh Laurie, Elizabeth Spriggs, Robert Hardy, James Fleet, and Tom Wilkinson. (from Amazon Prime,, and

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